Streaming with Akamai

In the Spring of this year, we decided to make a big change to our platform. We have switched to using one of the largest streaming providers in North America: Akamai. Not only did we want to be able to provide our customers - you - with the best priced solution, we also wanted it to be the most reliable way to connect our clients to their audiences. So, in June of this year, after several months of integration and our truly thorough testing process, we are pleased to say that we are now streaming with Akamai.

From Akamai's website:

"Akamai Intelligent Platform offers unmatched capacity, scale, and geographic reach. These Content Delivery Network (CDN) strengths allow our online business to scale with our audience demands, without constantly worrying about how to stay ahead of that demand." [Media Delivery Solutions, n.d]

For our clients this means that some of the firewall issues you have been experiencing should now be resolved and Android users will be happy to know that they can attend live events as well. With this powerful upgrade to our system, we are now streaming on almost every single platform available on the consumer market. This means that we are able to connect you with every one of your customers. You will be able to expand your reach, and by extension, your business!

The absolute best part of this upgrade for us and for you is that we've been able to do it while keeping our costs down, which means that the only thing that will see any effect from this is your upload speeds... :-)

Happy streaming!
Brian Kathler