Talking about Talkpoint

Business presentations, webcasts, internal seminars, conference calls... What do these four things all have in common?

The answer is: you can do all of them in a Talkpoint event! Talkpoint is one of the platforms we use here at ViaVid to connect our clients with large audiences. While our Akamai product is easy to use, beautifully simple and connects you to a large audience, Talkpoint's strength is in its variety of offered services and presentation types.

Talkpoint events have tons of features that are ready to use right out of the box. It is now easier than ever to deliver a presentation with multiple slides and animations, show your audience a video e.g. a new advertisement you'd like to share with your investors or a training video you have previously created. You can also share polls and surveys with your audience, have headshots of your presenters displayed and conduct Question and Answer sessions through an on-screen chat window.

Here at ViaVid Communications Headquarters, we want to make sure that every step of your event works just as you expect it to. That's why we have recently created a series of training videos to help walk you through your Talkpoint events! They show you what you audience is going to see as well as what you will see during an event to make your earnings call go as smooth as possible. In our videos, we walk you through how to change slides, how to change presenters and even how to conduct polls and surveys during your events.

They are all available for you to view right here on our website: click here to learn more about Talkpoint.

Happy streaming!
Brian Kathler